Thursday, April 16, 2009


The luxury brand has decided to leave the country and they're currently having a huge sale of up to 80% off on some things.
Emporio Armani announced that they are facing too much red tape, which makes it difficult to import and commercialize their products in Argentina.

The current government seeks to increase local production.


Donnie Cameron said...

Socialism bad. Capitalism good. How difficult can this be? Let's see..

The masses always migrate from the socialist countries to the capitalist countries. Think socialist Mexico => capitalist U.S.. Socialist countries in africa to more capitalist countries elsewhere. Socialist North Korea to capitalist South Korea. And so on.

Can't they just make a list of all the countries that are doing well and all the countries that are doing really badly and see that the ones that are doing really badly are for the most part socialist? How about calculating an average per-capita income? Or looking at the kinds of governments that cause people to go starving?

Isn't it amazing that the natural resources of a country have nothing to do with the country's wealth? Countries like Singapore and Taiwan have practically zero natural resources, yet they're wealthy. Could it be that they're capitalist? Duh!

No, forget common sense. Let's just be socialist anyway. Who cares if giant masses of people go blind from lack of nutrition (can anyone say Cuba?). Being socialist like Che Guevara is just cool.

I have lived in many countries that became too socialist too fast. Those countries are no longer beautiful. They're dangerous and life there is difficult.

Fortunately, Argentina changes governments about every 5 minutes, so maybe someone over there will read a few books and see the light and replace the government with one that is more capitalist.

M.D. Cameron said...

Thanks Donnie, this is all very true indeed. However, you would be amazed - as I am, by how many Americans are moving to South America. I don't quite understand why they are doing so, but there is an article about it... I'll look for the link.

M.D. Cameron said...

ok Donnie, here's one article:

Donnie Cameron said...

There is always migration in both directions. Americans move to Mexico all the time. But if you look a the numbers, you'll see that the direction of migration is overwhelmingly from the socialist countries to the more capitalist countries. And I don't mean 10 times more in one direction than in the other. I mean orders of magnitude more. I've not found even a single exception.

Another way to put this is that if you select 100 Venezuelans at random and you select 100 U.S. Citizens at random, you'd probably be able to convince more Venezuelans to move to the U.S. than vice versa.

The U.S. could, however, start to move quickly to the far left in the current socio-political environment. It would be interesting to see the effects of socialism on this nation. Given what I hear on T.V. and among the people I interact with, I believe that the masses are starting to believe that socialism is the answer. I hear statements like "I want everyone to have access to free health care." I don't think people understand the meaning of that as "I want to take money by force from some to pay for the healthcare of others." or "I want to use force to make some work more so that they can contribute to the health care of others." I don't think that anything other than an actual move towards socialism will make the masses understand how terrible such a thing can be. Particularly when you factor in the inefficiencies and other failings of government. Centralizing power like that can result in extreme hardship for the masses, the kind of hardship that places with limited government have never seen. What's the worst thing that can happen in a socialist country? Think of the history of Germany, the Soviet Union, China, some countries in Africa. (Yes, all those starving people in Africa have socialism to thank.) Now, what the worst thing that can happen to a truly capitalist country? A recession?

We want to be like France because we truly have no concept of the hardship that French workers endure, even to this day. I'm really curious to see what will happen as we start to slide into socialism here.

Anonymous said...

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M.D. Cameron said...

Donnie, here's a link with an article that may interest you..