Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For those of you who don't know, Earth Day,
is a celebration that takes place in 141 countries all over the world, every April 22, since 1970.

This year, it will be celebrated for the first time in Argentina. There will be a festival organized by the Earthday Network - a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. Earthday Network coordinates events, education campaigns and actions throughout the globe providing simple, practical and positive messages regarding our planet, and how to take care of it. The festival will take place in the city of Buenos Aires, on Saturday, April 26 and it will consist of concerts, art installations, photography, dance, yoga and DJ's, all in an open space, under the sun and the moon.

Art y Ecology

Guillermo Delgado Trío (jazz), Michael Mike, Hamacas al Río, Bicicletas, Rosal and Leo García will hold live performances and provide information about our planet and our environment.
Art installations and photography with environmental themes will be presented by Japanese artist M. Emoto as well as Argentine artists Marcelo Brodsky, Julio Pantoja y Nicolás García Uriburu. The Swasthya company of Scenic Arts will present different choreographies, and provide a yoga class focused on the relation ecology - quality of life.
A series of short films will be presented by foreign directors, as well as Argentine directors (UBA, ORT, FUC) who intend to show what and how we consume, transportation issues, air, the contamination of our river, and trash. Organizations such as Greenpeace and Vida Silvestre will provide information about the current ecological state of the planet.

Electronic music lovers can party til dawn, cause there will be DJ's, drinks and dancing when the sun goes down.

This event is free, and it will take place at la Plaza de la Flor (photo), located in Av. Alcorta y Austria, starting at 3:00pm. See you there.


Donnie Cameron said...

Happy Earth Day Argentina, from New Orleans!

Here are some tips for the home:

M.D. Cameron said...

Thanks for the link Donnie!