Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cause beauty is a state of mind

The other day I was watching someone interview a famous make-up artist here in Buenos Aires. She provided some really great advice regarding all the new trends in make-up and skin care. I was very interested in listening to everything she had to say, as I'm pretty bad with make-up. In fact, I hardly ever wear anything except lip gloss and sometimes, eyeliner. Ok, maybe some concealer too.

But what I really liked is that when she was asked about the best tips she could provide in a few words for great looking make-up, Regina K. said something like "no matter how much make-up we put on, or how well the colors we use match our skin, the only way to look truly beautiful is to feel good!" pretty obvious, don't you think? to be well with ourselves, happy, healthy. She said: "no make-up can cover-up your state of mind". I loved this! cause I often think about those ladies that look like a cake with so much stuff on their faces, or women who go out and get Botox like there's no tomorrow!! I've read that it can become an addiction. Same with operations. And, you know what? some of them look great, but not the ones that do it as a remedy for sadness, emptiness, or lack of affection, whatever. The ones that look fabulous, I think, are women who feel great!! women who eat well, do sports, drink water, have good skin care habits, it reflects like crazy, it's a special light one has, that makes us look beautiful.

To feel good is to look good! So maybe next time we plaster make-up on our faces, or think about getting yet another shot of Botox (something I still haven't done) notice how I said still!!? maybe think about it... do I really need this?

No one said that getting Botox and operations is a bad thing, on the contrary, thanks scientists and surgeons for helping us look gorgeous!! as long as we don't forget that true beauty comes from within.

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