Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just thinking

So the other day I ran into a friend at the tennis club, that I had not seen in a while. I knew she was going to Miami, so I asked her about her trip. She told me that she bought a lot of stuff. In fact, she said that she bought so much SHE couldn't even believe it, and that when she got here she remembered there's no more space in her closet. I asked: "really?" and she said: "you have no idea... I bought stuff I don't even need!!" (I say, DON'T WE ALL DO THIS!!!) my friend went on..."I bought stuff I'll probably never even wear" (THIS I DON'T DO!!) I asked her why?!! and she said that it was just so cheap to buy in Miami right now, she could not resist. Then she gave me a detailed list of everything that she bought, and continued telling me that she broke up with her boyfriend... but that's another story. Actually, it has to do with this, I suppose, but anyway, this got me thinking... and one of the things I thought is how the desire to consume can really never be satisfied! we always want another pair of shoes, another dress, new tiles in our bathroom, gadgets, a bigger house, car, whatever. No matter how full our closet is, we want more stuff in it. It's a good thing to want more, like little sub-dreams in the world of dreams. Desire is appetite, it pushes us to be better at we do, it motivates our growth...makes us evolve... the desire to consume and to want new things, pretty things, is healthy. Imagine if we had everything we wanted, what would be the point?

Then, I also thought: a)why buy stuff just cause it's cheap?! what is that? and b)what if sometimes it's not another dress or custom-made handbag that we crave... we already have many of those! what if it's not a new gadget either... perhaps it's a meaningful experience that our heart desires, or love, or a trip, a magical beach... a surprise, or a nice dinner with good friends that will truly fulfill our souls.

Just thinking out loud.

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