Friday, April 29, 2011

Museum of Broken Relationships

What does it take to make a relationship work? You will certainly not find the answer to this question if you decide to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. But, it's brilliant AND we had an idea.

This exhibition came to life with the intention of offering people a place to overcome their failed relationships through creation. The premise: leave there a memory. It started out in Croatia in 2006 and has been going around the world since. You can see it at Centro Cultural Borges (Viamonte street and San Martin) until May 1st. The Buenos Aires version was assembled by Olinka Vatisca and Drazen Grubisi.

We found interesting the fact of creating something, of doing art, using materials that had to do with something that no longer exists. We very much regard the feeling that even when there is nothing left, there is a resource out of which something really good may spring out.

The majority of the objects are left by women and everyone is likely to identify with something. Most things portray that men tend to break up more abruptly. There are many testimonies of upset women that had been "exchanged" for other women and stories of men that even gave their BlackBerry phones as a gift to their ex-girlfriends so as to not even be bothered again. There are also those who left almost everything behind and just went away.

Everyone that left a memory there had their own definition of love. For some it was said to be ephemeral, for others, a disappointment or a dream that did not come true. Others feel that love is something painful and beautiful at the same time.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a mad, funny and ironic space. There are a few attempts of trying to recover something good about love relationships. There is hope and an important question in the atmosphere: What is a person left with when the one they loved is no longer there?

One of the testimonies by one of the girls said that in her relationship, they were both in their own world, that their lives were like parallel lines. Once they realized that parallel lines always remain parallel, they broke up.
Somebody else received a salt shaker as a gift and decided to break it as she interpreted that her boyfriend meant to tell her she was tasteless.
There was a Linkys's router with the following statement: "Tried. Not compatible".

After seeing this, our idea is: it would also be nice to set up an exhibition with memories of couples that have had happy and long- lasting relationships. What do you think? I dare say there are many of us! what would you bring? it could help some people realize that a happy relationship IS possible and that although it may not always be high up there and easy, with MUTUAL effort, strength, tolerance, understanding and most importantly deep love, it's possible. It's a beautiful thing to be in a love relationship. To let go of bad experiences, learn from them and share your life with someone who deserves you. Stay tuned for our exhibition. Hope you join us.

Co post: Valeria Mendez Cañás; Michelle
Photo: Valeria

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