Monday, May 23, 2011


A work of art is such because it is beautiful in a way that needs no words, no explanations.

If you've never been to arteba, it's worth a visit. Some say that it's a bit like going on a little trip to Saks when there is a sale, there are many works on display, noise and many people. But, in my opinion, it's a great program and it does have the advantage of having everything in one place so if you are just visiting Buenos Aires or if you're not familiar with the art galleries and artists spread widely throughout the city, you are likely to enjoy a fun experience at arteba, just like you would at any other art fair in the world.

Arteba is brief and only takes place once a year, so if you missed it (it ends today) no worries. You can always visit next year, or, if you're not here during the fair, contact us. We'll be happy to recommend nice galleries, arrange meetings with some of our fave Argentine artists and take you to their ateliers where there is silence - sometimes a desirable condition to fully appreciate a work of art.

Photos: "Roto" by Belen Romero Gunset.
I wonder if her second last name has to do with her creative - destructive instinct? lol. No... seriously this was one of my favorite works this year: girl that breaks everything and makes a beautiful mess.

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