Monday, June 6, 2011

Auction Houses

If you are looking for a unique object to take back home and to treasure from your trip to Buenos Aires, you should consider touring some auction houses. You will come across many interesting objects such as paintings, gorgeous chandeliers, silversmiths' work, antique cameras, record players, watches, musical instruments, hand embroided tablechoths, jewelry, books or small decorative objects.

We suggest you visit:

Guido 1785

Juncal 1248

Bullrich Gaona Wernicke
Maipu 932

If you are looking for inexpensive antique objects, you shoud visit Bullrich Gaona Wernicke or Banco Cuidad de Buenos Aires' Auction. Banco Ciudad, is the City of Buenos Aires' Bank, it is where a lot of objects are pawned and put out to auction making base prices very low. You can see their catalogs and auction dates online: Banco Cuidad

Hope you find something nice!


Anonymous said...

great tips, thank you.

TakeitEZE said...

you're welcome! thanks for stopping by!