Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three cool hotel bars

Algodon Mansion Bar

The Oak Bar at Duhau

Sofitel - Retiro

Unlike other cool hotel bars around the world, these three bars are not loud and happening. They're just cool places to hang out with friends, enjoy good conversation and have a champagne cocktail or whatever you fancy. It's all good - these bar people have serious cocktail-making skills. Obviously, there are many other nice hotel bars in Buenos Aires. The bar at the Plaza Hotel, for example, has won all types of prizes and bravos from several publications and "experts".

These three however, not only have great design, good music and good drinks they also have a fabulous restaurant next door! An example is Gioia at Palacio Duhau. Simply delicious food and a generous wine list await before or after your yummy cocktails. Right there... so no need to get in the car and drive.

People who frequent these bars and their neighbour restaurants are mainly locals. I guess in a way it makes sense cause most travelers are eager to get out and explore... but, if you're having one of those lazy nights, just get down to your hotel bar and mix in with the local neighbours.

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