Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Firday!

Tonight at 7:00pm there is a new edition of Gallery Nights, this time, in the neighborhoods of Barrio Norte, Retiro and Recoleta. Art galleries, antique shops, museums, vintage boutiques and cultural centers open their doors to share art and design with visitors. It's a fun event and there's always live music and shows. Also, you can make a stop at any of these bars (all within tonight's circuit) to have a cocktail and see more art. TGIF!

Don't miss Cosecha Prendas Vintage. A creative space with focus on the revaluation of handicrafts. The result is soft, romantic pieces with retro inspiration, a combination of antique details with new materials.

Photos: Cosecha Prendas Vintage

Don't you love these girly dresses?

Gallery Nights organized by Arte al Dia was born in 2001 with the objective of bringing art close to the public. The event takes place in different areas of Buenos Aires from April to December and in Punta del Este, Uruguay during January.

You can see details on today's Circuit here.

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