Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Eduardo Stupía's work is based on the spectators’ fantasy in relation to his images. Also known as "the artist that paints poetry" Stupía's work fluctuates from a poetic level to a materialistic one.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1951, Stupía's first works were comic strips. It was during the 80's that he ventured into new lands and started to paint pale landscapes, architecture, and weird objects. Later on, his paintings evolved - he took drawing to a new level, incorporated ink, texture, and color, etc. creating more complex, ambiguous, risky and beautiful images.

For over 30 years, the artist has explored new terrains creating fascinating images where disorder and instability often projected in his work, exude poetry. Perhaps it is because of his mental activity - he is also a novel and poetry translator, that his work speaks to us.

What is interesting about Stupía’s Collages - "Cortes de Inventario" (Stock clippings) on view at CCR til September 25, is that we are standing in front of various images which can be perceived as bits or as a whole. It's up to us: we can focus on the entire work, we can focus on each part of it or we can focus on just one part. We are as free as Eduardo.

CCR: Junín 1930 Buenos Aires

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