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Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires, 1910

Many moments are born and re lived in the cafés of Buenos Aires: life stories, friendships, love, battles, sports, arts, etc., that’s why in a tango song that I like, the café is called "the school of all things."

In Buenos Aires, you can spend hours enjoying a “cortado” (short coffee) without the waiter asking if you’d like to order something else. The café moment is often long and comes with more than one activity: reading the newspaper, studying, meeting friends or work colleagues, talking, people watching, debating, etc. It's a ceremony.

Historically, cafés have been linked to the most famous Argentinian writers and artists who gathered there to discuss their ideas, read their stories and share their views on all aspects of life.

In 1998 a law was passed in order to preserve the cafés of Buenos Aires that are associated with significant cultural relevance for their age, architectural design and local character. As a result, some cafés got the title of "Notable Cafés of Buenos Aires".

While the flavor of coffee served in "Cafés Notables" is not as developed as those of most current cafés, the "Notable Cafes" have a story, a mythic, a je ne sais quoi that we invite you to discover.

* Café Tortoni *

Carlos Gardel, Quinquela Martín, Juan de Dios Filiberto, Alfonsina Storni, Marcelo T. Alvear, Federico Garcia Lorca, Arthur Square, Luigi Pirandello, Conrado Nale Roxlo, Xul Solar among others have passed through its doors.

Founded in 1858 by Mr. Touan, a Frenchman who named it in memory of Paris Tortoni. It was the first streetside café in Buenos Aires and Avenida de Mayo - where the café is located, was the first avenue in South America.

Address: Avenida de Mayo 825 / 29 Montserrat

* La Ideal

Preferred by characters from the cultural, political and artistic scenes, it has two floors. On the ground floor is the coffee shop, on the first floor, the tango salon. Alan Parker filmed scenes from the film "Evita" there; Sally Porter did the same for "The Tango Lesson" and Carlos Saura's immortalized it in his tango shots including authentic, Porteño milonga dancers in the film "Tango".

Founded in 1912, by Manuel Rosendo Fernandez from Spain.

Address: Suipacha 384, downtown.

* Las Violetas

Many political personalities, artists and sports figures have attended. Famous for its vitraux and delightful tea time.

Founded in September, 1884.

Address: Rivadavia 3899, Almagro

* La Biela *

You often have to wait for a table especially if you intend to sit outside, under the most beautiful Gomero tree on earth. The cafés privileged location facing the Church of Pilar in La Recoleta make a coffee there as desirable as a meal in the nearby Munich. In the 40’s La Biela was frequented by motorists who started and ended auto racing there.

Founded in 1850

Address: Avenida Presidente Quintana 600, Recoleta

* Alvear Hotel Bar

Located on Avenida Alvear, Buenos Aires most elegant avenue, this café is a meeting point for people from Recoleta including politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and tourists.

Founded in 1932

Address: Avenida Alvear 1891

Post by: Valeria Mendez Cañas

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