Friday, September 9, 2011

Emerging Talent

XI Biennale Youth Contest.

In 1991, Shell and "Festivales Musicales" decided to organize a Biennale Contest for Young Talents, with the objective of promoting the artistic development of new generations.

During every uneven year, an international jury judges the pre-selection, elimination round, semifinals and finals of the contestants for singing, piano and chamber music. Winners are awarded with first and second place prizes.

During the following year, first price winners give recitals in the most important theaters of Buenos Aires and in various provinces of Argentina.

This way, the objective of promoting emerging talents is achieved.

For many, the Biennale Youth Contests means the beginning of promissory artistic careers and a way towards international recognition.

This year's edition will take place on September 22 at Museo de Arte Decorativo. If you would like to hear these emerging talents perform, you can get free tickets by calling Festivales Musicales at 4382-4870. Tickets will go fast, so hurry.

Happy weekend!

post by: Valeria Mendez Cañas

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