Friday, October 14, 2011

Neighborhood Clubs

Club Hungría

Neighborhood clubs have played an important role in the creation of social, cultural and sports identity in Buenos Aires.

In the same fields where soccer, basketball and other sports are played, tango is danced and orchestras can be heard live. During carnivals, the tracks are filled with foam, costumes and music.

Neighborhood clubs are part of the folklore of Buenos Aires; they are symbols of the city and part of our history. Although, at present, their function is not quite the same as before (playing sports is the main thing and not as many social events take place there), their restaurants remain almost intact; we invite you to tour these restaurants, enjoy a simple Argentinian meal and discover the nostalgia they contain.

El Bochin - Julian Alvarez 2355, 4823-7507.
Circulo de Salvavidas - Cabello 3958, 4804-4297
Club Eros - Uriarte 1609, 3832-1313
Club Atletico Palermo - Fitz Roy 2238, 4777-7647
Club Portugues - Pedro Goyena 1468, 4431-9059
Club Hungria - Pasaje Juncal 4250,Olivos, 4799-8437

Club de Salvavidas

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