Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday find

We love this new, David Lynch-inspired boutique with a focus on hip, Argentinian designers: UNMO, Passion Fruit, Carolina Aubele, Sibilia, Think Pink, Neon, Costansoup, Papas y Ruido, Lovely Louisa, Sr. Icecram, Juli Santini, Guadalupe Martirena, EUPHORIA, among others.

The small boutique has high energy. The mix of cool materials such as metal (used in the rocket-like dressing rooms) and wood, make it's interior design as interesting and fun as the objects and clothes found inside.

I loved these lamps (first photograph) made to honor Minoru Yamasaki, an architect best known for his design of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. There's only 100 of these lamps.

Check it out! you'll like it.

Where? Arce 941, Las Cañitas

Thanks to Bruno the person in charge of the boutique for his kindness!

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