Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Repsol, YPF

Long, long ago, a guy called Sigmund Freud discovered that two opposed forces co-exist in the human mind: the death drive, the life drive.

If you are a bit familiar with Psychology you must know that the death drive in the human mind tends towards destruction. It is silently searching for material to use against itself. Our job as Psychologists is to drive intelligent, high functioning patients to their constructive side, so that they can succeed and become happier in their lives.

What happens when a decision taken under the death drive affects a country?

 This is how we view Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's decision to expropriate Repsol's stake in YPF, Argentina's oil company. This same action could have been done in a lawful way, with a positive result in the long term.

The idea behind our blog is to share bits about Argentina and to encourage well-being. We cannot stop wondering about the consequences this decision may have on us as individuals and as citizens of this country. Although there is no denying that things like this often happen here and that a great majority of people are in favor, we don’t agree with acts like this and can’t stop thinking about the effects it can have in the economy. We wish some things were different. We wish Eros (the life drive) would be the stronger force to guide decision-making.  But, this is Argentina, and by now, the world knows plenty about us, the good and the bad.

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