Monday, June 4, 2012


Jennifer Garner and Kate Bosworth in their espadrilles.

Not too long ago, Alpargatas (Argentinian version of espadrilles) were not too stylish in Argentina. Mostly gauchos and country people wore them.

Vasque immigrants introduced them around the third decade of the Nineteenth Century. They consisted of an espadrille sole, a material exterior, and straps to tie them at the ankles.

Black pairs were used during week days. White ones for Sundays and special celebrations. Eventually, gauchos got rid of the straps, they came up with their own version.

Government officials passed a law back then that prohibited gauchos from killing cows with the purpose of using their leather to make boots. Alpargatas were then used massively and called "botas de pobre" (poor men shoes).

A few years back, Alpargatas became popular worldwide.

The company Toms was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie, who was inspired by alpargatas.

The company is largely defined by its humanitarian mission--giving away one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair sold.

I am in NY this week. I smile everytime I see someone wearing alpargatas. It's nice to see how incredibly fashionable they have become.

Alpargatas range from 30 to 150 dollars a pair. The Argentinian-inspired ones are Toms but you can choose from Gap to Lacoste, Chanel, Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors. They come in all imaginable colors, prints and textures. I am thinking of taking some pairs of glittery ones for my gaucho friends in Buenos Aires!

Below, one of the Olsen sisters, in her espadrilles.


Post by: Valeria Mendez Cañas (writing to you from NYC!) 

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