Thursday, November 15, 2012

Masticar, a new food fair in Buenos Aires

Photo Courtesy: Maru revista

Masticar, the first food fair organized by Argentinian chefs and entrepreneurs in the gastronomic business, will be held this weekend.

For our complete satisfaction, eight premium wineries and beer makers of Argentina will also be joining them.

The purpose of the fair is to raise awareness about the importance of good nutrition. Visitors can taste typical Argentinian food from renowned restaurants such as: Sucre, Tegui, La Cabrera; purchase regional products, take cooking lessons or sit through nutrition talks.

Happy to be back from New Orleans just in time for the BA food fair!
Hope to see you there! xo

Where? El Dorrego - Zapiola 50. Between Dorrego and Concepción Arenal. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When? November, 16; 17; 18. Starting at 12:00pm
Entry fee $30 ARS

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