Friday, May 29, 2009

Arteba - Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair

Arteba closed on Tuesday, May 26. More than 125,000 people visited the fair this year, and many gallerists said they were extremely surprised and pleased with the remarkable success in sales. On the event's third day, La Nacion wrote "good art sales contradict the crisis".

This year again, I loved the Chandon –sponsored “Young Neighborhood” section, where the newer galleries displayed more risky works in the forms of street art, installations, and multimedia art. I thought Cala - Gogó gallery was one of the coolest.

Miguel D' Arienzo, Milo Locket, Juan Battle Planas, Léon Ferrari, Leandro Erlich, Diego Garcia, Sebastian Masegosa, Inchauspe, and Chile's Sami Benmayor are some artists whose work I really liked.
Other interesting galleries: Maman's Fine Art Gallery, Ruth Benzacar, Gachi Prieto, Daba Torrejon, Daniel Abate, Chile's Isabel Aninat, and Isabel Anchorena.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Waiters Race - 6th edition

For the sixth consecutive year, the Buenos Aires waiters' race - organised by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, took place this weekend.
With two bottles and a full glass, the avid waiters started in Av. de Mayo, and had to speed walk a total of 1,600 mts. (less than a mile), without spilling anything.
Walter Ayala was the winner of the first prize which consisted of $2,500 ARS. Congratulations!!

With friends at Faena, Flory's W, Crobar, etc.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vice Party @Rodney


A few days ago, Santiago Gori, a taxi driver in La Plata, found $130.000 ARS in a bag that someone forgot in the back seat of his taxi. He managed to find the owner of the bag and returned it, without receiving (or asking for) anything. A group of people decided that they would reward the taxi driver by creating a site where everyone can donate money or things to Mr. Cab Driver. The idea is to give him the $130.000 ARS that he returned.

Friday, May 1, 2009

ART IN THE ANDES - James Turrell

James Turrell Gallery opened this week, in the Hess family vineyard in Colomé, Argentina.

Very much in tune with Hess's passionate approach to art, the light installations are beyond stunning, enhanced by the gallery's truly, magnificent views of the Andes mountains.