Thursday, November 19, 2009

jet lag, go away!

Jet Lagged? Brazilian nutricionist and biochemist, Patricia Texeira is presenting for Park Hyatt - Palacio Duhau a new, healthy living menu. Patricia creates soothing blends of organic products, that fight body pains and feeling exhausted after those long flights. The menu includes a full description of the ingredientes used, their benefits, as well as suggested times in which to take the magical potions, for better results.

Organic market at Duhau

The objective of this market was to show all products and services related to organic activities in Argentina. I wanted to post these photos before, but well, here they are. I tried all kinds of delicious food, and my favorite - organic dulce de leche! I also loved the tasty Malbecs from Finca Alma in Mendoza and bought this really nice llama-hair scarf.