Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spring Break

This classic estancia near the city of Cordoba, Argentina is the ideal place to rest, enjoy goregous sunsets, charming mountain views, good meals, and horseback riding.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Scene. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Calmness and pure bliss. Just minutes away from the chaotic city of Buenos Aires, a short flight from the local airport gets you to this beautiful villa in Punta del Este. Set on the quiet countryside, just a short walk from the beach.
The exterior beauty blends in with the refined interiors decorated with a love for simplicity and functionality. Hand-picked furnishings, unique details - such as a vintage, hair parlour bathroom chair, and warm colors combine magically to provide a peaceful setting with gorgeous views of the vast, green lands where the property sits.
The large swimming pool looks across the green fields and is a mirror to whispering trees.

Friday, September 3, 2010


First of all... can I just say, I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE CALIFORNIA.


- If you're going to do a road trip, get yourself a nice convertible, put some sunscreen on, good music, sunglasses, and enjoy the landscapes and beauty on your way to each place. Lift your hands up in the air (like a child on a roller coaster) when you're feeling really happy, which will be most of the time.

- Don't waste your time shopping if you're in the US at the end of August. At least not if you're from Argentina (or any South American country) All you'll see is winter clothes! no thanks. I've had enough cold... I'm so ready for the summer, and there are some pretty amazing designers right here in Buenos Aires. I did love the Prada knits, a Burburry jacket, an amazing pair of black Balenciaga boots, Balmains golden pieces, among other things for next winter. If you're the "sale" seeker type of person, forget that. August is too late. You'll just find everything that nobody else wanted! all the nice stuff has been gone for months! unless, you're in Miami, in which case you MAY find some nice summer stuff.

- Be receptive and embrace the California kindness. I cannot tell you how many amazing people we met during our adventure. I'm so thankful to them.

- Do at least one tour. You'll appreciate getting some local insight. It's a great thing to learn when you travel. If you're curious and love connection with a place, do more than one tour. It's a rewarding experience.

- Early morning wine tastings, driving, flying, going out a lot, the sun... you could get a headache or two, body pain, etc. So go to a nice spa.

- Stay at good hotels! even if you spend little time in them, it makes all the difference in the world to arrive at a nice and comfy place, like one is used to. To travel should be a pleasure, not a torture. A good view and nice pool are a +.

- Surfing: leave that for the Southern California part of your trip, or take the next flight to Hawaii. Conditions in Northern California are not the best.

- Honey-bunny withdrawals (when you travel without him... in my case not often, we go everywhere together): have your bb with you at all times!! it's nice to be communicated and to share.