Monday, June 22, 2009

Greetings from Salta & Jujuy!

I just got back from the northern Argentinian provinces of Salta and Jujuy. Aside from the strikingly beautiful sceneries, dramatic change of landscapes within minutes - try driving from Salta to Jujuy via the camino de la cornisa. You'll pass from being in the desert with giant cacti, to being in the middle of the jungle on a one-lane, curvy road where cars come and go from both sides! yes, it's a bit stressing, and a little dangerous, but it's so worth it!! and you can always get a driver who knows the road well. If not, just honk your horn in every curve. But don't forget to, cause there is no room for two cars for most of the way. And those cliffs are intimidating. But, where was I? oh, the sceneries, the food, the colonial architecture, beautiful churches, wine, it's all magical... the gorgeous towns surrounded by the Andes mountains... not to mention the Quebrada de Humahuaca - a World Heritage site where there are still indigenous towns that have been a major trade route for over 10,000 years! once again, it was incredible to be there... to meet people from these towns. I say go North! It's like being in another world. If you would like to visit remote, Andean towns that regular tourists do not have access to, inquire about new ranges of excursions to enjoy more authentic experiences, stay in one of our villas or recommended boutique hotels, or if you would like to help the local host communities, contact one of our dedicated travel experts. There are plenty of rewarding ways to make a difference between wine tastings, trekking and horse riding in the mountains, and a soothing spa treatment.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

San Telmo's Mansión Vitraux Hotel, Wine Lounge & Spa

In the heart of San Telmo - the historic district of Buenos Aires, and the city's new, hot spot for haute -cuisine, our friends at Mansión Vitraux offer personalized service, and a laid-back atmosphere for travellers that appreciate art & design, comfort, galleries,antiques, and tango. An urban oasis of modern style for the playful and sophisticated. For reservations, contact one of our travel experts.