Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jose Ignacio

Spent last weekend at Arbol in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. I sometimes think how lucky we are to have such an amazing place so near. I love going at this time if the year, when you can relax and spend time with friends, but without all the crazyness of the high season. Not that Jose Ignacio gets too crazy in the summer, cause it doesn't... (except for the occasional White party, or Chandon, whatever) but for non-stop nightlife there's always La Barra... still, JI gets pretty full, and you have to make reservations for dinner (or even lunch!) and maybe stand in a line for some trivial things like getting a magazine at the kiosk or buying some chapstick at the drugstore... that kind of thing... October, November, and early December on the other hand, are sooooo... nice. The weather is amazing (well, we did get a cold and rainy day) but it was so great!! the perfect excuse to stay in, sleep, eat, sleep, eat a little more, watch a movie, etc. go visit someone, play pool, read a little, whatever you don't do when the sun is out! and if you like kite surfing, then this is a good time to do it!


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