Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Space

Part of my job is to travel and visit interesting hotels in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (I know, isn't that fun?) - where I usually stay for a few days, and also to visit homes that I would like to include in our portfolio of Prime Properties.
Although, of course, I'm always eager to experience the entire home or hotel, lately, I've been obsessing about a room which I sometimes think deserves a little more attention - the bathroom. Yes, I think I've become a bathroom snob. I love beautiful, spacious bathrooms! In fact, on a priority list the bathroom is right up there with a nice walk-in closet.
Some of the latest trends I've seen in bathrooms include the Mirror TV & PC which I recently saw at Algodon Mansion, (quite interesting gadget) and the Swarovski-Studded bath tub which is also something, but perhaps today's bathroom trends are not only about technology and diamond baths. As with any other place in the house, this space should also have a spirit!! no? the lighting and views, colors, comfort, materials, art work and textures all contribute to making the bathroom a charming and pretty space.

Photographed: El Colibrí, La Teta y La Luna, Mio, Casa Calma


aengus said...

In Big Sur,California,I was reading my friend,Linda sonrisa`s blog and came apon your`s via a photograghy link.
I awoke a little earlier than wanted after a late Valentine evening,so went outside to take....a bath.One day I`ll send a photo of my little `room with a view`.I think you`ll appreciate it,although there are no walls,the cat,Monkey,and I are quite happy as the morning`s sun is cresting the mountains to our back.
It looks to be a spring day up in the norte.Ciao Aengus

Anonymous said...

I'll have to send you some photos of our new bathroom, it's the nicest part of the house. You'll love it!
Lauren and Mike

TakeitEZE said...

aengus , thanks! I'd love for you to send me a photo of your little room with a view, sounds amazing. Hope the sun keeps shining in California.

TakeitEZE said...

Lauren, thanks for sending me the photos! I'll have to dedicate a post just to your bathroom, lol, it's beautiful. xo