Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel & Art

Hotels all over the world are incorporating Art into the hotel experience, and Argentina is no exception. Some time ago I posted about James Turrell and the Hess family collection at Estancia Colomé, in Argentina's North West. Today, I invite you to see another beautiful property: El Casco Art Hotel in Patagonia. A place where art and nature meet design and comfort creating a unique setting for an extraordinary experience.

From the moment you walk into El Casco, you are inspired and stunned by gorgeous views and magnificent paintings from outstanding, Argentinian artists like Soldi, Quniquela, Campos, etc.

One could say El Casco is a classic. Although little remains from the original building, the hotel has been around since the 70's. It was then that an aristocratic German couple built the lake-side property which soon became the IT spot for well-healed South Americans and international travelers with a special love and interest for the far lands of Patagonia.

The hotel was eventually closed for many years, until Ignacio Gutiérrez Zaldívar - art collector and world promoter of Argentinian art, bought the property and turned it into what is undoubtedly, one of South America's most beautiful art hotels. El Casco Art hotel was reborn in 2006.

Each suite homes art works from a different artist bearing his or her name. Surrounding gardens are decorated with sculptures, and public spaces are filled with splendid paintings and books. Even the restaurant, with it's majestic views serves dishes worth a frame!

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