Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter in the City

At this time of the year, I usually like to recommend
Easter travel ideas - nice destinations for a long weekend.
But what about those who stay in BA?

In Lasse Hallström's movie "Chocolat", Juliette Binoche arrives in a
small French countryside town to establish a chocolate shop.
The town's life is centered on the mandates of a rigid and severe
catholic priest. It is Lent, the priest is fasting. There is a very
beaufiful and in my opinion, well achieved scene in the movie where
the priest senses the smell of chocolate while he is having a very
simple breakfast and is forced to focus on his work in order to avoid

Perhaps Easter is not just a chance to get away and enjoy a long
weekend vacation or a moment to give the people we love Easter eggs.
Why not think of it as a time of renewal?
A time to forgive, a time to cherish. It is about being re born,
about giving yourself the opportunity to refresh your faith in
your dreams.

Whatever the strength of your faith, if you are taking some time to
connect with yourself and your life, as the priest in "Chocolat", you
deserve to reward yourself on Easter Sunday.

If you're staying in the city, I suggest Hotel Alvear's Easter Brunch
- which includes a great variety of exquisite local products, the most delicious deserts, and a fascinating wine list. Simply the best in town.
Call the Alvear in advance for reservations.

Another option is to keep it symbolic, have a nice meal at your home,
hotel or flat and give out Easter eggs from El viejo Oso ( or Vasalissa, (
two of my favorite artisan chocolatiers in the city.

Enjoy your Easter!

co-post: Vale & Mich

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