Friday, May 13, 2011

Natural Selection

Photos: Florian Von der Fecht

About fourteen European countries could fit in Argentina and there would still be space left.

With over 210,000 acres of pristine land, Bahía Bustamante - a private farm in Southern Patagonia, is a good example of the vastness of land that Argentina is blessed with.

Upon arrival, one is enchanted by stunning views of magnificent landscapes and wildlife. The deep-blue ocean in front of you, the austerity of the accommodations which enhance the beauty of the vast, natural surroundings; the cold, crisp air that energizes. It's a gift of the Gods. Perhaps the answer to a crazy life in a modern world. The answer to a prayer for a bit of calm and connection with nature. An undisturbed view of the horizon: "look at me, I'm here" it says. Yes, Mr. Horizon, it's you that hides behind those tall buildings in noisy cities. It's you that I miss.

Bahia Bustamante is far, yes. It's also beautiful because of that. A desirable destination for those who have covered much of the world and are in search of a wonderful place to chill in peace and enjoy nature. A destination with no crowds cause nobody even knows this place exists. And, for those few lucky ones that do, know this: only 18 people are allowed there at once. Soriano, owner of the property, would like to keep it this way. He's very much into protecting the environment, and more so when it comes to his own heavenly land.

Bahia is quiet and breathtaking. It offers no more and no less than the great and simple pleasures of life: a sky full of stars, home-cooked meals, wine, comfortable lodging, beautiful sceneries, sunny mornings, penguins playing around you, attractive guanacos (kind of like a llamas) carelessly walking around; AND, when you get tired of sleeping, eating and reading, there are plenty of exciting things to do: horseback riding, kayaking, walking on the beach, or exploring the property's 65-million-year-old petrified forest.

Special thanks to: Bahia Bustamante

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