Thursday, December 1, 2011


I heart El Xampanyet

The best part of a journey is the people you meet along the way. And the food.

Photo above is brunch at PICNIC


Anonymous said...

no hay más fotos?

TakeitEZE said...

tengo 425 fotos de España, pero no las puedo subir todas aca.. de una. Voy subiendo de a poco :D

Madeline said...

ahh i just saw this post! loved seeing the photos. hope you received mine. missing barce and you chicas all the time. til B.A. besos!

TakeitEZE said...

Hi Madi!!! I did receive your photos! Thanks!! we had such a good time in Spain!!
I'm still in Punta del Este (I know, I've been here for a looong time) but it's work and play, you know? I'll send you more photos of the trip when I'm back in ba. Miss you and Doris! come visit soon, ok? we'll have fun!

TakeitEZE said...

Madi, btw I'm missing the cava!! you? :-)