Thursday, January 26, 2012

Punta del Este

Some people ask why Punta del Este vacation rentals cost so much, so I thought I'd write a little about prices, why I think some things cost what they cost and why renting a property in Punta del Este is not so easy on the pocket.

When you pay (what you consider) a high price for something it's usually because you're either familiar with the brand, like it and trust it or because your perception is that it's a good product and that it's worth it. For every authentic, luxurious product out there, there is a (not so authentic) version of it at a cheap price. This, we know and this applies to almost anything you can think of: clothes, watches, wine, travel, handbags, etc.

So why not get the cheaper version? is a question that may rise. Cause deep inside we know that the cheaper version of our object of desire is not (really) our object of desire - even if at times we do end up getting the "other" version. However, if we are lucky enough to have the possibility to choose, in the end, we are most likely to choose (and support) upscale products. We all know the difference between a high end product and one that is not, so I won't talk about the difference here, cause you probably have your own thoughts on that.*

I would, however, like to extend the above concept to the cost of vacation rentals in Punta del Este without even going into details about relevant variables such as land and construction prices, demand, etc.

But there are other aspects that make properties exclusive and expensive. Aside from the fact that Punta del Este is one of the most beautiful and desirable places on earth (and, I've done a great deal of traveling, since I was ... hmmm... born?) And it's not just me. Please ask anyone. It is a magical place. And so are our houses.

Each one of our villas has been hand picked by us. We do not only take the TIME to personally inspect and photograph each villa that we have in our portfolio, but we spend a lot of time with each one of the owners of these summer homes. Some are friends and family so we kind of know the houses by heart; others are strangers who kindly open their doors to us and our clients.

We're not just sending "Curiocitos" (clients of Curiocity) anywhere. We've experienced each villa, stayed there for days, lived it, met the staff, walked the grounds, etc. In the process of doing this, we've discovered the love and effort that each one of the owners has put into their summer home. Each corner has a story, there are furnishings and objects from all over the world, books and music for lazy afternoons, flowers and candles, objects that have been passed from generation to generation, stunning art pieces, meticulously manicured gardens; ocean views, surrounding forests and lakes, helicopter pads. Semi-private beaches. Perfect lighting. Technology. Al- fresco dining; generous decks and swimming pools. There is soul and personality in each house. More importantly, behind each villa rental experience, there is a welcoming team of people (house staff, assistants, drivers, chefs, concierge, etc.) that wants you to feel at home.

Just like other luxury products, Curiocity Villas' properties are ideal for people like us. People who get high on life and appreciate the good things: a nice dinner with friends, a limited product, or simply relaxing in a quiet, inspiring and private location with family, friends or your soul mate in one of the world's most beautiful places. We are always seeking beautiful villas that have something that makes them special. Like you. It's about memories that last. It's about emotion. And yes, the cost is on the high(er) side, but so is the experience.

*For example, it's no secret that some "cheaper" clothing brands in Argentina and the world STILL use slave work; that "massive", cheap tourism is not friendly to our environment; that big companies that rent villas all over the world have not experienced most of the villas they publish on their sites and that a real Prada handbag is a real Prada handbag. No matter how many copies they make.


Cristian said...

I also think that it is a rally beautiful place not only for the beaches but also for the people and the overall relaxing enviroment, my parents got a house there like 16 years ago or so and I still love going to punta del este just like I do since I was a kid

TakeitEZE said...

Hi! I agree, the people and the laid back atmosphere are a plus!! Punta has changed a lot since I was a kid, but still one of my favorite places in the world. xo

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! I love it!

TakeitEZE said...

Thanks sweetie!!

Fabian said...

I have travelled around the world and can easily say that Punta Del Este is NOT worth it. The prices are way too high for what you are getting and there are many other places around the world that give you more exclusivity, luxury, and privacy than what you get in Punta. That place is just a rip off. There is an idiot born every second, and all those people all go to Punta to throw away their money like fools. In Punta, when a simple hamburger costs $100 and a coffee costs $12 for no real reason, since it cannot cost that much to obtain or produce these items, there is a breakdown in value versus service and quality. If you have ever gone to Greece, Dubai, Ibiza, Japan, Paris, or Morocco, you would know that all those places blow Punta away and they are MUCH better places to go for the money. I am from Argentina and I like Punta, but it's not such a 'great' place. Sorry.

TakeitEZE said...

I agree Fabian, Punta is indeed expensive and yes, I have been to France, Morocco, Spain, Italy among other places!! and, I continue to love Punta. I love these other places you mention as well, in fact I think they are beautiful and in some cases MUCH more luxurious and private but you have to admit Punta has a special charm that makes it unique. It has a kind of energy unmatched by any place that I have been too. But then again, there are so many places I have yet to discover... I'll be sharing xo