Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hi! did you have a nice weekend?

 Let me try and explain this one. Hopefully, you'll understand it and you'll love it as much as I do. "Pinchar el globo" (something like "puncture the balloon" in English) is an Argentinian expression commonly used to say something like: "that shattered my hope/expectations". For example, let's say that you want to take a one- month trip to a really nice, exotic destination and your bank account and/or your work and /or your husband, wife, etc. say "no", you could say something like: I wanted to take a trip but "se me pinchó el globo" when I saw my bank account / realized all the work I have /my wife, husband,etc. said it's not a good time.

Another example: let´s imagine that you really like a guy/girl and your friend says "oh, he/she is moving out of town next week." That too is "puncturing your balloon".

So, to make it short, anything that "shatters your expectations, wishes, hope..." is "pinchar el globo". In the drawing above, as you can see, the group of people on the right, have no balloon. They have obviously been through love experiences that "punctured their balloon". That's not to say (as you can see in the drawing) that they are not in favor of love (like the first group, with the big, red heart balloon). They are; (HOW could anyone one not be). It's just that their balloon "has been punctured".

Drawing translation:

Group with balloon: we are in favor of love. What about you guys?
Group without balloon: we are too, but they've "puntcured our balloon"

Brilliant! we heart Tute.

 Drawing by Tute for La Nacion- revista

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