Friday, September 2, 2011

Iberá Marshlands, Corrientes, Argentina

Spring at Rincón del Socorro

Little creatures

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting someone from Rincon del Socorro. Thanks to his kindness I've got this little secret to share with you. I'm thinking about going soon, so I'll tell you more once I have been there. For now, I leave you with these gorgeous images and information so that you can also plan on visiting this wildlife paradise at some point.

There are few regions in Argentina that can compare to the richness and diversity of species that are found in the Esteros del Iberá.

In the last twenty-five years biologists are beginning to understand the importance of this vast fresh-water system to the biological community of Latin America.

Rincón del Socorro is a 12,000-hectare (29,700 acres) former cattle ranch on the edge of the Iberá wetlands in Northeastern Argentina that has been made into a nature reserve. Rincón del Socorro has a small, refined eco-lodge in the ranch.

Meals are predominantly prepared with organic fruit and vegetables, most from their kitchen garden. Meat is all free-range. Fine organic cuisine and the Argentine barbecue tradition as well as grilled vegetables, good Argentine wines, homemade breads and special deserts ensure a pleasant culinary experience at the lodge. When the weather is good, lunch and dinner can be served outdoors.

There is a range of activities dependent on the interest, energy and time of each guest. Rincon del Socorro is ideal horseback riding country and visitors can easily see wildlife; such creatures as carpinchos, freshwater otters, alligators, marsh deer and with a little patience and good luck, one just might see the illusive Maned wolf, howler monkey or the sprocket deer.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this place as much as I did! xx

Special thanks to Estancia Rincon del Socorro for images and information.

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