Monday, September 5, 2011

Roads and Flavors

Next week, people, traditions, places and products from all over Argentina will gather at La Rural to display their products as a way of showing the true meaning of identity.

This year, joining the food fair, we will also find crafts and tourism stands from several provinces.

For five days, food, wine and routes from all regions of Argentina will be in one place.

Hand in hand with more than 400 farmers and craftsmen the whole country will have the opportunity to discover itself. Organized by Fairs & Exhibitions for the seventh consecutive year, Caminos y Sabores (Roads and Flavors) establishes a channel with no intermediaries between the producer and consumer.

Sponsored by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), Export.Ar Foundation, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Roads and flavors is not just an opportunity to taste typical local products of the country but also a good way to understand the processes of local producers. It’s an invitation to explore a myriad of Argentinian culinary and sensory experiences, where the relationship between producers, environment and community is key in achieving outstanding quality.

Roads and flavors market allows visitors to buy a wide range of products directly from each province and people of our country. The fair is an invitation to learn about the products we consume and how our choice of food can support local economies and small families. The link between producers and consumers acquires a new dynamic and allows closer ties.

Roads and flavors 2011 is simply an appointment with the roots of our identity, the scope for regional economies and a path to strengthen small producers. There are foods, drinks, crafts and special areas for the promotion of tourist destinations and festivals.

The fair offers a business model that seeks to promote family and local production of each region. Caminos y Sabores wishes to create awareness of the value that small businesses have in all provinces of Argentina. There are no middlemen, so most of the percentage of sales to go directly to the artisans and producers.

From 14 to September 18 at La Rural

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