Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy Eating

Is there a relationship between happiness and healthy eating? We think there is. The way we feel influences the way we relate to our environment. Being well nourished makes us feel good and therefore has an impact in our lives. What we eat, where we eat and how we eat contribute to our being in a good mood.

The brain needs oxygen, glucose and fat in order to function properly. These last two substances come from food. Creatinine rich foods create the feeling of well being: chocolate, whole rice, almonds, and fish. Cereal adds vitamin B and helps regulate the nervous system. Legumes help incorporate calcium, magnesium, flouride and iodine.

The idea is to balance the in- take of cereals, legumes, proteins and vegetables trying to keep the consumption of substances that generate adrenaline to a minimum (coffee, black tea, mate, flour, saturated fat and alcohol) but allowing oneself a few treats, of course.

Making time to enjoy a nice, healthy meal and having it in a nice place with good company are some things we should not forget! where do you usually eat? at home? work? restaurants? when was the last time you had a pic-nic?

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