Monday, April 9, 2012

Mommy break

It's a known fact that parents are responsible for the kind of person that their children become as they grow. For those who are constantly trying to be good parents and find themselves in in the roller coaster that this adventure can become, Stephen B. Poulter, a psychologist who specializes in family relationships gives us some clarity.

According to him, moms are in a big way responsible for the learning process of their children because they are the ones who show them the world. Poulter took the time to find the most common styles of being a mom. These can be summarized as: perfectionist, unpredictable, always be first, the "best friend" and a complete mother.

The idea behind his studies is that what makes kids better, and therefore the whole family, is to guide them and show compassion. The complete mother can guide without impossing, respect without influencing too much and be happy and satisfied with who she is and with what she does.

Photo: Michelle and her mom, Tita.

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