Tuesday, May 1, 2012

La Fortuna

Someone I met many years ago recently purchased a beautiful property about 200kms away from the city of Buenos Aires. I was invited to visit the property yesterday and I wanted to share some photos with you. "La Fortuna" (the fortune) is not just another Argentinian campo. It is a truly beautiful place with high energy that has managed to maintain the classic charm of the Argentinian campo mixed with exceptional comfort and modern luxuries.

 The main house - built in 1905, looks like out of a French novel. It is surrounded by gorgeous gardens, terraces and centennial trees. Vintage cars and carriages are carelessly parked in different places as if they had been forgotten there 80 years ago. A delicate water fountain has a hypnotizing effect. The sound of the fountain’s falling drops is loud in a place where silence and peace abound.

Playful birds fly above, in the grey, rainy skies of a fall day. Beautiful horses display their power while a pony walks slowly near the house. But, it’s the other animals there that surprise me. Did I see a llama? I did. I saw two. I walked and stood close to them. I looked at them and thought: shouldn’t you be in Perú or Salta?

But it’s not all outdoor charm (horseback riding, walking, starring at the animals, swimming or enjoying an asado) the house is also ideal for indoor living. An impressive art collection, private cinema, library, bar, music room, cava, gourmet food (made with fresh products from the orchard), ample living rooms with cozy fireplaces and amazing views are other luxuries to love.

This property is available for rent via Curiocity Villas - luxury vacation rentals

A warm thank you to Carrie Wilder and Carmen Florio for their hospitality.


Anonymous said...

I wish this was my house!!

TakeitEZE said...

I know!! it's beautiful!