Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eros & Psyche

Somewhere in Greece, a King and Queen had three daughters. The first two were beautiful but, their third daughter, PSYKHE (or Psyche) was so beautiful that she was compared to Venus. Venus' pride was deeply hurt by this, so she asked her son, Eros, to "make her fall in love with the most horrendous monster".

As time went by, Psyche's sisters married and had children. No one seemed to be interested in Psyche. Her parents consulted the Oracle. She was ordered to go to the highest part of the mountain to face her destiny.

After a dream, she reached a palace by night where she was approached by a man with whom she spent a night of passion. She stayed there living her days in solitude and her nights in darkness and passion, until one day, she got pregnant. Her sisters had visited her without being able to see her husband's face. They feared it was the monster of Venus' wish. They persuaded Psyche to look at her husband's face while he slept. At night, after having made love, curiosity and fear took over her. Psyche discovered that her husband was Eros himself. He was young and handsome.

Eros woke up to see she had betrayed his trust but confessed he could not follow his mother's orders because he could not resist her beauty. Then, he abandoned her. Psyque was devastated. She wondered the world until Venus found her and put her away. Eros, finally rescued her and they have been living together since. They had a daughter called Hedone which means pleasure in Greek.

Post and translation: Valeria Mendez Cañas
Image: Octavia Minor
Sources: ; entrecasa magazine. Bs. As 2012; wiki

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