Monday, July 25, 2011

ants at work

Since it's Monday, we thought it would be fun to remind ourselves (and share with you) some easy tips on how to work better. Most of these are quite obvious, but a nice reminder on how to be more productive while learning and having a good time.

How to work better

1. Do one thing at a time
2. Know the problem
3. Learn to listen
4. Learn to ask questions
5. Distinguish sense from nonsense *
6. Accept changes as inevitable
7. Admit mistakes
8. Say it simple
9. Be calm

*Good point. Let's stop here for a second. It's great to be connected (facebook, linked-in, twitter, bbm, asw, blogs, now Google +) although it's a bit nutty sometimes, no? this constant connection? some questions that rise are: how do you deal with the overload of information? how does it affect your work? how do you filter information? we'd love to know your thoughts on this and on what makes you work better, if you work.

Have a nice week!


photo: peque

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