Friday, July 1, 2011


A photography exhibition at Centro Cultural Recoleta really caught my eye today. It is Marino Santa Maria's, "Mirage: Permanence vs. Ephemeral".

Santa Maria plays with images and mirrors. His pictures employ mirrors to show you an image that is different than the one that should be reflected in the mirror. He is a good analyst of what we call reality. He plays with meaning and has a special ability to turn complex thoughts into something tangible and beautiful. I feel that throughout his work, he is saying "I know what you expect to see, but instead, I'll show you something else", what effect does that have on you? He distorts your perception and wakes up your curiosity.

I hope that you can see this exhibition. Take some time to view the pictures and take the title of the exhibition into consideration as well. Santa Maria's concepts of permanence and change are a nice metaphor for life. Mirrors can show you still images or movement. As in life, some things are always the same while others change very rapidly.

Some of the questions that rise are: How do we react to change? what is permanent and what is ephemeral? how do we react to things and events when they are different than we expect?

Have a nice weekend! xx

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