Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Dance Competition

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Tango will be the star this month as the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship begins, on August 16. It will take place at the "Centro de Exposiciones", located at Av. Figeroa Alcorta and Pueyrredon, but there are also performances scheduled at 25 de Mayo Theater and de la Ribera Theater.

If you've already seen a tango performance or if you've been to a "milonga" and feel passionate about tango you can choose from a variety of events organized by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires: dances or "milongas," tango classes for different levels, workshops, conferences, fairs, tango films, shows and concerts.

This festival is interesting because it gathers tango dancers of different ages and places. This generational mix as well as the background diversity, allow you to appreciate different tango styles. In "milongas," the music that will be played will vary: in some cases an orchestra will perform live, in others there will be recorded music or sometimes electronic tango. It will be tango's Tower of Babel!

Don't miss the finals of the Tango Championship at Lunapark Theater. August 29th will be the finals for tango salon category and August 30th will be stage tango's turn. All tickets are free, but you need to plan ahead to obtain them in advance. You can check for more information.

Post by: Valeria Mendez Cañas

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