Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Matter of Faith

Photo: Gustavo Cerati

The former lead singer and guitarist of Soda Estereo, Gustavo Cerati, icon of Argentinian pop culture, has been in a coma for a year and three months now.

Explaining Argentinian culture to English speakers can be complicated at times, because, just as some feelings are often hard to explain, so are some terms or expressions in Spanish. However, referring to visual or auditory aids such as art or music helps a person to get a better understanding of things or events.

There are other things that are hard to express, as well, in any culture: whatever isn't working right, illnesses that come to us as a surprise and the way we are confronted with someone’s departure. Explaining Gustavo Cerati combines all of these ingredients. Cerati's songs defined a great part of the 80's generation in Argentina and so did the band's look and identity. Maybe you've heard a Soda Estereo song? songs such as "Signos," "Persiana Americana," "Lo que sangra," "Doble vida," “Cuando pase el temblor” and "Ella uso mi cabeza como un revolver" were popular on MTV even when it didn't have a Latin American Music section. I hope you've heard some of these songs and perhaps understood the strength they have. If you haven't you can just click on the links above.

Gustavo suffered an cerebral vascular accident while performing during a concert in Caracas, Venezuela in May of 2010. Although he’s been in a coma for a very long time, we continue to hope and pray for him to get better.

¡Fuerza Cerati!

Post by: Valeria Mendez Cañas
Photo: Cosas de autos

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