Monday, August 22, 2011

Italian Piece

During this little trip to Punta del Este, I discovered L'Incanto in the heart of Punta's Gourmet hub. It’s about a year old. Joining La Bourgogne and Le Table de Jean Paul - among other prestigious restaurants in this part of the peninsula, L'Incanto definitely lives up to its name: the charm

L'Incanto integrates warm, intimate interiors with gorgeous gardens, water, stone and wood. The outdoor area is ideal for alfresco eating on a nice summer night. Or, you can go to a semi-covered area during winter, good for an after dinner cocktail- with a heater that is! like my friends in the photo above.

check out the bar (it's empty cause we were the last ones to leave, lol)

The menu includes pasta, risotto, meat, fish and a good wine list. We tried their salmon gravlax, steak, pizza and a chocolate volcano with berries, sprinkled with mint. It was all good.

I'm happy to see that Punta del Este is expanding its cuisine options.

We liked L’Incanto and will be going back for more. We hope you like it too. xx

Address: Pedragosa Sierra Esquina La Paloma.

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