Monday, October 24, 2011

Buenos Aires Jazz

Jazz is to Americans what tango is to Argentinians (uhm… or some say its country music?)

Jazz was born in New Orleans (that’s right, not Chicago, not NYC) just as tango was born on the banks of the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires. Like tango, Jazz is also a product of diversity. New Orleans was French, then it was Spanish, then it went back to being French until it finally became American (although, you know what they say in Nola: “third world and proud of it”). Anyone who has been there, has probably noticed how different NOLA is from the rest of the US. In many ways, it's more like Argentina.

New Orleans Jazz was created by immigrants from Africa who met to sing religious hymns, but in the process, their voices started to merge generating different harmonies. Thus, variations on these melodies came to life.

While European music requires careful listening and who interprets it must remain faithful to the score - even in the execution of the expression, in jazz, there is a kind of game. Musicians follow certain rules, but mostly improvise and put their own vibe into the music.

To those who are eager to expose their ears to the sharpness of this genre and also those who simply want to enjoy the pleasure of hearing this music without much thinking, we invite you to the Fourth Edition of the Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires. Advance ticket sale starts today, while concerts start the following week.


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