Thursday, October 6, 2011

closed doors and open hearts

Almacén Secreto

A few years ago closed- door restaurants began to open in Buenos Aires.

Young chefs began to open the doors of their houses with the idea of treating guests with a delicious home-made meal, sharing nice conversation and allowing people to interact with people they don’t know. Sometimes, guests can also enjoy wine tasting, acoustic music shows and art exhibitions before, during or after dinner.

The first one we went to is Casa Saltshaker. We enjoyed a delicious dinner in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. There were just two or three tables, so it was a nice opportunity to meet and chat with strangers from other places. We shared a table with a couple from Chicago and had a very nice time chatting with them.

These closed door restaurants are accessed by recommendation, naturally.

The proposals are varied. Some open weekends only and others on weekdays. Reservations are required.

If you have not been to one these closed- door restaurants yet, here is a list we put together.

Treinta Sillas
Freire y F. Lacroze, Belgrano.

Diego Felix. They like to experiment with exotic flavors, spices and Latin-American scents.

La Cocina Discreta

Casa SaltShaker

Almacen Secreto. North West, Argentina cuisine.
Aguirre 1242, Villa Crespo.

Caracoles para Da Vinci
Hidalgo 878, Villa Crespo

Casa Coupage. Haute Argentinian Cuisine
Soler 5518, Colegiales.

Enjoy!! xo

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