Thursday, November 3, 2011


How beautiful is that action that produces a strange and invigorating reaction in your entire body? A reaction that is physical, psychological and chemical at the same time and that changes the way you feel? "Laughter is a funny sound but when I laugh it’s a great feeling. " - Billy Crystal.

Statistics from a recent study show that children laugh about 300 times a day while adults only laugh about 10 to 15 times a day. This result is a bit worrying, no? I relate laughter with how well we are, ourselves.

When you laugh, according to Freud, the ego seeks to find pleasure and refuses to accept suffering that comes from the outside world.

According to Victor Frankl “Humor can provide the necessary distance to overcome any situation, even for a few seconds. “Attempts of developing a sense of humor, to see things in a humorous light are a trick I learned while we mastered the art of living, for, even in a concentration camp, it is possible to master the art of living ". - VF

Laughter is a privilege that men do not share with any other species, it seems; it is possibly the last thing to be lost. Once, a man was sentenced to death in Texas and as they were about to sit him in the electric chair someone asked him if he wanted a cigarette. He replied: 'No thanks, I'm trying to quit smoking' ... #okay

Laughter is cathartic, like dancing, it produces a break in the situations, it is pure profit. Laughter changes the look that you have on the self, raises self-esteem, develops hope, stimulates creativity, makes you younger, healthier and improves your relationships with others.

So ... why not laugh more and take things a little less seriously!

In this photo: Mich and Julia

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