Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And you are..?

In this photo: Charly García

The other day I found myself buying the biography of Miley Cyrus for my 9 year old daughter. When reading through it, I found this part interesting: "I'm left handed by birth, and although so is my father, he is absolutely convinced that I am right-handed. I think it's because he’s always said that lefties have to 'learn the world upside down' and more than once he has had a hard time finding a left-handed guitar. Anyway, Dad made me use my right hand and it worked. For the rest of the things in life, I'm left handed, but I write with the right."

This got me thinking cause I am also left handed and I often encounter obstacles that remind me of that. I write with my left hand, use my right hand to play golf, right foot to kick a ball and I’m not too sure what I use to play the piano but the fact is that I have too much strength in my left hand which requires special attention when it comes to playing the piano. In dance class, the teacher always says I have to first stretch the right leg or right arm. When I there’s a queue I stand on the left and always end up watching everyone pass before me... same thing in the underground.

If you're right handed, you use the left hemisphere in the process of action. If you're a lefty you use the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the center of operations relating to language, writing, logic and mathematics. The right hemisphere is associated with music, art, creativity, spatial perception, genius, imagination and emotional experiences.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Nicole Kidman, to name a few, are all lefties.

Argentinian rock star, Charly Garcia once said, "Had I been born thousands of years ago, they would have thrown rocks at me cause I'm a lefty and I have a half-white mustache ...I just learned to use the flaws as virtues;” Seriously, there is nothing wrong with being left-handed.

David Bowie commented, "There was a time when left-handedness was frowned upon in Great Britain. And that made me isolate from the others. So I think that has been one of the signs with which I will evaluate my journey through life. 'Okay, mother fu… errs I'm not like you, so I will try to be better than you "

Having the right hemisphere more developed does make us different… That’s a good thing. To be different, I mean.

Post by: Valeria Mendez Cañás

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