Friday, November 4, 2011


This is an interview to Daniel Malnatti, an Argentinian journalist I read in La Nacion, which made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with you:

I read on the internet that as a child you wanted to be a priest, is that right?

-Yes, I am a believer. I have a natural tendency to believe. I need to believe. As a teenager I wanted to be a priest. Then I believed in justice and became a lawyer. Now I’m in a world of beliefs which is a bit more complex, a private religion called neurosis.


-Because everyone adapts it to his or her own life. You have the person who walks without stepping on the lines of the sidewalk tiles to the perfectionist who stays up working all night.

And you are…?

-I prefer not to answer.

Well ... we're all a little neurotic.

-Yes, 94.9% of Argentina's population is structured with a neurotic personality

Aha. This data is very accurate...?

-It is. This is official data of the Psychoanalytic Association of Argentina and the Artemio Lopez consultants, who are the only ones authorized to speak.

How is this picture completed?

The other 5% of the population shows decidedly psychotic features. And it is precisely this equation that makes the production and GDP remain high.

Reviewing: the neurotic 94.9%, 5% psychotic, and the remaining 0.1%?

-Schizophrenic. People who question and answer themselves.


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