Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Give


Last Sunday was a special day in Argentina. It was Cartias' annual fund raising campaign day. This year the campaign was called "Zero Poverty". Caritas' objective is to get rid of poverty in Argentina or, at least, try to help in making a difference. If you haven't noticed, which I'm sure you have, the gap between rich and poor in South America is really big (except for Chile maybe) and this gap grows every year.

Caritas is a fund raising organization that is run by the Catholic Church of Argentina. Last weekend Caritas sent 1300 volunteers all over the streets of Buenos Aires with small boxes where you could deposit your donation. Some stood by traffic lights, some in supermarkets, some outside churches, others in shopping malls. For us, it was very gratifying to see such spectacular effort.

I got the most soul- touching smiles this week not just from the people from Caritas, but also from two other people I helped out on the street. Doesn't it feel good to help every now and then? One came from a man that was missing half of his right leg. I was in my car with my two- year old daughter. She already knows when someone is asking for money and she said to me in her dialect "money, mommy", she was inviting me to give him money.
My daughter noticed his missing foot and was very surprised. The way that man thanked and smiled at us was the highlight of my day.

Yesterday, I was at a Starbucks when a homeless man walked up to me and asked if I could buy him a coffee and a muffin, "yes", I said, but the Starbucks people kindly gave it to him for free so I put away the money in my purse and left. Just two blocks down the road, a lady asked if I could give her money to buy food (yes all of this in one day) her eyes lit up when she saw the amount I handed out to her, her smile was amazing and she said in a very heart felt tone of voice "God bless your soul!".

I think that the small things we do also make a difference. We all lack something, a job, possibilities, time, happiness, food, health, a home, a family, a loved one... when someone wishes for something they can't get, and it's within our possibility to help, it's up to us to do it.

June is Caritas' month for taking contributions, help out if you can or help any other organization. A little means a lot and gives you great joy in return.

What goes around comes around so why not take this idea of helping - even if it's through a small act - into consideration, we all benefit from it, no?

Post by Vale.

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