Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy father's day!

We think it's so nice that there is a day to honor our fathers and since we often write about extraordinary people, we wanted to include our fathers in our list. Talk a little about fatherhood.

When we were Psychology students in college, we were emphatically lectured about the father figure. What a father is, what he does, what his role is, what is expected of him, so much was said to us that we can recite those lectures by heart. To your fortune, we wont' do that today.

Today, we want to play "tribute" to our fathers, and to all the fathers out there. Maybe you also want to take a minute to think about your father and what he represents to you?

Vale: We have shared a lot of time and experiences with my father. He has been warm, fun, understanding, firm. He has been our role model, our adviser in various topics. He has suffered with us and helped us get over different issues, he has driven us everywhere and waited hundreds of hours for us in his car, he has looked after our horses in cold winter mornings even when we were the ones supposed to do it, he has been with us in every stage of our development, shared his passions, told us stories, given us books, taught us things, laughed with us, shared his experiences.

Mich: My father was the coolest person I have ever met. I remember him with so much love and I feel so lucky and thankful to have had him as a father.
He was loving, generous, intuitive, understanding, fearless, bright and funny. I admired him deeply. The love he put into everything he did, his passion for helping people, his zest for life, how humorous and extraordinary he was. An inspiring and adventurous man. I often remember the adventures he took us on, mountain climbing in remote places, hanging out with natives in the Amazon jungle, walking for four hours come snow, wind or rain, to get to one of his properties in Patagonia cause he refused to make a road; taking like three planes, two boats and I don't know what else to get to a place, so many fun experiences all over the world. He was the happiest when he was traveling.

My father had an amazing ability to look at things in a completely different way than most people. He once told me that it was not only being at the top of the mountain that he loved, but also getting there. I often think about that. There were no limits to what he thought he could achieve and he always enjoyed the ride, more even if it was a challenge. He was a free man with an open mind and a big heart. If I could say just one word to my father, that would be thanks.

Cheers to you. You filled our lives with warmth, support and affection and we'll be forever thankful. Happy Father's Day!

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