Tuesday, June 21, 2011

free your books

Me, somewhere in Tulum, Mexico.

Buenos Aires, the city of books has a new movement: The Free Book. The idea is that after reading a book you release it in a public space such as a park, café, public transportation and other similar places for other people to pick up and read.

Anyone can be part of Free Book by simply releasing it and writing a few words in the first page indicating that this book has not been lost or forgotten, it is part of the Free Book movement. The person who finds it should free the book again for someone else to enjoy.

The Free Book movement suggests that by releasing a book we are achieving one of life's most rewarding experiences which is to share. This movement is created by the people and for the people. There is no government intervention or private institutions involved, and it's supported by writers, editors and artists.

Of course there are many of us that have books that we love, books that we want to keep and that we like to go back to, but other books may be part of us already, they have left their message in our souls and we know them by heart. These are the ones we are invited to release.

Happy Wednesday! xo


Tonette said...

I totally do this already. It's satisfying to just pass things along and not accumulate more stuff, too. I am happy to have a name for it, now. Free Books! I'll share your post to encourage book freedom everywhere.

TakeitEZE said...

thanks! I've already done this with one book at a café and the waitress said "you forgot your book" lol! so I explained... and she loved the idea. xx