Thursday, June 9, 2011

home sweet home

Like many people, I have two homes in Buenos Aires and I love them both. I spend much time looking at interior design and architecture magazines, always in search of new trends in decor, furniture, wallpaper, textiles for walls, textiles for curtains, room decor for children, etc. I like giving my homes a "refresh" every now and then. Moving things around, hanging something new on my wall.

Often, when I flip through the pages of magazines, there is something that distracts my attention from the content that I'm interested in and that is how some pictures portray people's homes in such incredible order. Everything is always in it's place, everything looks so perfect, I sometimes wonder how they do it.

Quite frequently I visit people that live in houses like the ones portrayed in magazines. I think mine looked like that at some point, but that changed once I had kids. Lately, what I see in magazines, I see in real life: order and perfection. These magazine- like, family houses are so immaculate. One has to celebrate the ability some people have to have fun and keep such order.

I relate the word home to warmth and a little chaos, be it because you are single and your house is a cozy place where you rest or hang out with friends after a long day of work, because you have just moved in with someone you are learning about and developing close ties to, because you are raising a family and your house is full of children and noise, or because your children have grown up and left your house which now holds a lot of memories. For others, clean and neat better describe the idea of a cool, stylish home. Whichever way, the important thing is that you enjoy and live your house fully! no?

What about you? is your house orderly? a bit messy? in between? do you spend much time in your house? which is your favorite place in the house?

Post by Valeria Mendez Cañas
Photos: Mich

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